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Railway Technical Inspection and Assessment Services:
The assessors of DeTİM are sectoral experts with a deep knowledge of the “state of art”. The company serves his clients high quality “one stop shop” services in third party assessments, certification, training and others regarding railways, light rail system, trams and more!

Our Services

Notified Body (NoBo), CSM Assessment Body (AsBo) and ISA

For all structural subsystems, for significant change or new design of the railway system we provide certification for interoperability (TSI), independent assessment as AsBo based on documentation under EN 50126 and Common Safety Method 402/2013 Directive. It covers also vehicles, infrastructure, signalization, ERTMS, vehicle retrofitting, control and safety systems, telecommunication systems, electronic systems, operation, operating concepts, subsystems and components.

Light Rail Systems

We provide following exertise services for light rail system (metro, tram, trolleybus) in accordance with the Directive on Construction and Operation of Tramways (BOStrab) and CENELEC EN 5012x Standards:

  • RAM-S Assessments
  • V Cycle Assessments including verification and validation
  • Welding inspections and certification according to EN 15085
  • Functional safety assessment (EN 50126, EN 50128)
  • SIL certification based on EN 50128
  • Safety Assessments based on EN 50126
  • Assessment services also for Safe System Integration, Traffic Management, Vehicle Maintenance

Training, Production Supervision and Independent Assessments

Production supervision and independent assessments of rolling stock and infrastructure in terms of TSI, ECM certification, ISA, NoBo, AsBo and DeBo (For Türkiye) certification services. Also, public training services as DeTIM Academy to governmental organizations related to Safety Management, RAM-S, CENELEC Standars and more. DeTIM is also a consortium partner of Turkish Railway Academy under ERASMUS+ projects. Ask for more!