Rail Systems Signaling and Telecommunication

DeTIM signaling and telecommunications experts successfully carry out compliance assessment with applicable standards on system integration, system engineering and independent safety and security assessment projects.


Our experts closely follow the system engineering, independent audit and safe integration of all processes, including performance monitoring, from the design phase of the system to the commissioning, and with TSI certifications.

Our experts’ experiences in Turkey and abroad will add high value to your projects!


Our services cover all levels of different systems from CBTC to ERTMS (European Railway Train Monitoring System) in a way to ensure safe communication (GSM-R) and monitoring between train (onboard and infrastructure bales) and infrastructure.

The RAM-S analyzes carry out in this context are completely applied in both light rail system and conventional railway lines, including driverless metro systems (UTO) within the scope of EN 50126 and EN 50128.


Maintainability and safety are the basis of all rail system projects. It ensures the minimization of risks while increasing operational performance by following Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) applications and safety documents in projects.

  • System Engineering
  • RAM-S standards within the scope of EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129
  • System Safety & Assurance
  • Requirements Program
  • Interface management
  • System Definition and Risk Management
  • EMC / EMI standards
  • System integration
  • Conformity assessment and certification of Signaling and Energy, Telecommunication subsystems
  • Determination of functional safety processes
  • Design and Change management
  • Evaluation of equipment and products
  • Accompanying the tests
  • Project management
  • Verification and independent evaluation in the commissioning of subsystems
  • Operation and maintenance supervision
  • Accompanying and surveillance to trial and demo operation runs

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